Tina Duong is known as a dynamic actor who gravitates towards strong complex females with an interior fragility.
She studied Journalism and Theatre, a combo that helps her find the truth in the story. 
The Atlanta and NY-based storyteller enjoys creating art to learn about the human condition. 
Her upcoming film, MAYBE, SOMEDAY, hits the festival circuits this year. She plays Paulette, an experienced hunter, 
who is sent to the woods to find an outcast runaway girl amidst talk of a man-killing monster terrorizing the same woods.
On the comedy side, she is playing Kris in three episodes of IT HAPPENED WITHOUT WARNING, part of Meet Cute’s new podcast series. 
In this romantic comedy, Tina injects humor as the sassy, quick-witted, loyal best friend…who happens to have a fear of public transportation. 
She has enormous gratitude to be able to tell stories that inspire and create change.